Daily digest of all form entries [RESOLVED]

Hi there!

I have a website with eight forms, and I’m looking for a way to generate a daily digest. Ideally, it will be automagically sent to me every 24 hours to tell me how many forms were completed and maybe the name of the person who completed the form.

I haven’t had any luck tracking down something that can do this for me. Suggestions?


Entry Automation can automatically send you a digest of entries submitted to your forms every day.

You could set this up in one of two ways:

  1. Use an Export Entries task to be emailed a file containing all of the entry data. This could be as a CSV file, Excel file, JSON file or PDF.
  2. Use a Send Notification task to get the form submission data directly in the email message.

Both tasks won’t send you an email if no entries were submitted that day (by default), so you won’t need to worry about your inbox getting overloaded with messages.

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Exactly what I was looking for. Plugin purchased. Thank you sir!

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