Customizing and polishing up forms


I am finishing up styling with one of my gravity forms and I am trying to polish up the final bits of functionality and styling. I have not figured out how to do the following:

  • Hide the validation error box that displays errors above the form (figuring that I would just show the error labels underneath the fields)
  • Styling the validation error box if hiding it altogether is not an option.
  • Styling the “Next”/“Previous” buttons in a multi step form. These have some padding issues for the “Previous” button and they are displaying a black border when I click on the button.
  • Finally, on my one form that asks for a first/last name, address, etc. my password extension in Chrome (dashlane) that also auto fills info, does not register the last name field as being something that is looking for a last name. This extension works fine on all other sites - is there something unique to the way that Gravity Forms handles the last name field?

Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can test the form? Thank you.

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Hi Chris!

I can but it’s behind a password since it’s still under development. Is there any way I can share this privately? Thanks!

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Based on that requirement, I recommend opening a support ticket and including a password and URL so that support can see the form. Thank you.

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