Custom Query for Taxonomy

Just looking for abit of help regards a query

I have a custom taxonomy ‘location’ which I am passing to the form from an apply button

    $terms = get_the_terms($post->ID, 'location', array('fields' => 'names'));
    if ( count ( $terms ) > 0 ) {
     $applyQuery .= '&locationID=' . $terms[0]->term_id;

<?php echo $applyQuery; ?>

However the query returns the taxonomy id which is fine, but I’d like it to return the actual taxonomy name with in the WordPress form administration entries area.

Could someone point me to the documentation on how to do this or a code snippet or something similar on the forums would be great, I am not looking for any additional plugins to do this work.

It sounds like this is working for you with the taxonomy ID in the form, but when you view the entries in the dashboard, you would like to see the actual taxonomy name rather than the taxonomy ID. Is that correct? Or are you looking for something different.

That is correct @chrishajer

In that case, you can use the gform_entries_field_value to grab the taxonomy name before displaying the entry in the dashboard:

Great thanks, would this also be the same documentation for showing it on emails as well?

If you mean the notification email, no, that filter if for the entry list, not for notifications. You can use the gform_merge_tag_filter to modify the values before that information is sent in the email: