Custom order for entries

Hello Gravity Form Members,
I created a form with entries shown on the front page.
These entries are sometimes fulfilled and must be placed below the entries that aren’t yet.
How can I move entries up or down ?

What method are you using the display the entries currently?

Also, what does ‘fulfilled’ mean? Is there some value updated in the entry that means it is ‘fulfilled’?

Hey Chrish,
We have Gravity forms and Gravity Forms Directory & Addons installed no other addons so the Entries are shown with the shortcode on the front page.
Fulfilled means nothing for the form it’s just that we finished a request that was filled in the form.

You would need to customize the output of the shortcode of the Gravity Forms Directory & Addons shortcode. That is controlled by that plugin - Gravity Forms has nothing to do with the shortcode you are using to output your entries. Thank you.

Hey Chris,
I know it has nothing to do with the shortcode :slight_smile:
My question is actually how I can make the form so I can reorder entries so it’s ordered how I want it on the front page.

If the shortcode outputs the entries, then it absolutely has to do with the shortcode. If the entries are output by the Gravity Forms Directory & Addons then you need to work with that plugin to reorder to output. Gravity Forms does not output entries anywhere. If there is some reason you think this can be controlled in Gravity Forms, please let us know why. Thank you.