Create two columns in a page break form

It is possible to create a two column layout form each step of a page break form, where the right column is a 100% height of the left column with all the fields?

When you see this reference website you will understand.

This form has been created in WS Forms and they have 2 columns layout. In the left column they have all the fields, and in the right column a 100% heigt div or box with an HTML field.

I tried with Gravity Forms and I couldnt find a way to achieve something like that because if I drag the column indicator it can’t take the 100% height.

Any help?

How about something like this to add rowspans (your right column with the HTML field will span ‘all the rows’ of the left side):

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Thanks for your answer. It does the work, but, is there any way to make the right sidebar to have an automatic height based on the height of the left sidebar? I will be adding a ton of fields and pages, so this will give me different heigths for each page and I need to assign a single class to the whole right sidebar. Also, the client will be adding more fields to the ones stablished first so the sidebar needs to grow automaticaly based on the number of fields and height the left sidebar occupies.