Create simple expense reimbursement form

Trying to create an expense reimbursement form for a church. Struggling with the expense amount (which Pricing Field) to spoof into ingesting dollar amounts and totaling them. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Charles. Can you use the Product field, and configure the Field Type as “User Defined” (screenshot: That will allow the person filling out the form to enter an amount, and because it’s a product field, it will be added to the form total by default.

However, that’s not really like an expense report, where you might enter some details about the expense, like:

  • Payee
  • Date
  • Amount
  • Purpose
  • Notes
  • Category
  • Job code
  • Client
  • etc

I don’t think a user-defined product field is the way to go.

How about using a List field with a column for each of those categories above (or your own required information):

That could collect all the information you need about the expense, but there would be no total at the end. If you need to total up the amounts, you would need custom code to total up that column and either display that in the form, or store it in the entry for submission.

Please let us know your thoughts. Thank you.

Did you ever figure out a solution? I’m trying to do the same thing. So far I’ve built it with a list field for each department, but as @chrishajer mentioned I’m having trouble getting a total for all department totals.