Create conditional Logic form from CSV

I need to create a form from an excel file (or CSV) with conditional logic and create a form keeping the conditional logic. The file contains more than 5000 rows and seems hard to create them manually. Is any way to to achieve this?

Thank you

This might be a terminology thing, but are you wanting to create 5,000 forms from the .csv or create 5,000 entries in 1 form you have already setup on the site? If the latter, a good solution to look at is Gravity Kit’s import entries. If you use the default Forms > Export to get the .csv structure which the form provides and use that to map your existing data into, it should go pretty smooth.

Hello Jamie,

Thank you for your fast response. I need to create 1 form with 5000 entries conditional logic options. I have the list of conditionals in Excel (4 columns and 5000 rows)

Thanks again

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