Create a form with custom autocomplete address field

hello everyone,

I want to create a contact form with 2 sections.

The first section includes an address field.

I have a repository of 100,000 addresses in CSV format.

I need to import all addresses into the address field. Also i need to have an autocomplete attribut for the address field.

So when you type the first characters (4) of an address in this field, the corresponding addresses appear.

The second section corresponds to the rest of the form. Fields: name, first name, message and send button.

Remark : the second section appear only after the selection of an address.

My concern is how to import my addresses with my CSV file and link the addresses of the file to the address form field + add autocomplete attribute.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Hi Mohamed,

It’s possible to populate the other fields based on the Address selected using GP Populate Anything, however, Populate Anything currently doesn’t support populating directly from a CSV.

So in other to get this working with Populate Anything, you’ll have to find a way to either create a custom database table and import the CSV file data into that table or create a helper form and import the CSV file data into the helper form. Depending on whichever works for you, once this is done, you should be able to set up the other fields to populate values based on the selection made.


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