Copy field value ONLY if certain label is selected, ELSE copy 2 other field values

Been stuck with this for almost 2 weeks now. Time to ask for help because I’m clearly not seeing straight.

I have a drop-down field that asks the user to select a reporting period, with options


If the user selects Other, two new fields become visible that allow to user to set a custom Start Date and End Date.

I want to capture the reporting period in a hidden field so I can use it throughout the rest of the form (e.g. Your reporting period is [period]).

That means I need to create a hidden field that either captures “2022”, “2023” or “2024” OR the Start and End Dates - concatenated with a hyphen - in case the user opts to set a custom period.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out a way to do this while also including a hyphen between the start and end dates. Issues I’m running into:

  • Copy Cat only seems able to copy values if a single specific condition is true, not if any of 3 listed conditions are true (2022, 2023 OR 2024)
  • Concatenation (inserting the dash in between the Start and End dates) works, but unfortunately I can’t set it so it only inserts the dash if the ‘other’ option was selected. That means I end up with "2023 - "…

I must be overlooking something really simple, but can’t figure it out. Anyone any idea? :pray:

Available plug-ins: all Gravity Wiz perks including Populate Anything and Copy Cat

Have you contacted the Wizards at Gravity Wiz? They’re pretty good at coming up with robust solutions to interesting problems.

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good suggestion. will do, thanks!

Hi Wouter,

We’ve received your ticket at GravityWiz, and we’ll reply to you soon with an answer to your question.


awesome - thanks so much!