Convert Checkbox to Boolean

I need to set up checkboxes as Boolean fields that return only two possible results (1 or 0, true or false). Data from these fields is passed through to a third party API using a webhook and must be in Boolean format for the third-party application to understand it. Any ideas for how I could convert the results of a checkbox to return a numeric 1 if the box is checked and 0 if it is not?

Have you already tried checking the box “show values” and giving them 1 and 0 values as appropriate?

Thank you for the response, Chris. It seems like that may work for setting the true (1) value if the box is checked, but I am not sure how to add the zero value if the box is un-checked. Do you believe this can be done with the “show values” functionality?

Also, I wasn’t sure how that affects conditional logic based on the checkbox. There are other fields in the form that are either hidden or visible depending on whether the box is checked. Will this interfere with the conditional logic?


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I am quite interested in this possibility. At the moment a checkbox that is not selected is stored as blank. How can a non-selected checkbox be stored as a ‘0’ so when it is exported the csv contains 1 or 0 for those fields?