Confirmation message with redirect download


We use the form confirmation redirect to push a download. This works great.

However, the confirmation message “Thanks for downloading” is not displayed.

I’ve tried setting it up to 1) have the redirect be the default confirmation, with the message second, and 2) having the message be the default, with the redirect second. The latter shows the message with no download, and the former downloads the file with no message.

This is causing users to submit the form multiple times. They don’t realize the download is proceeding, depending on the browser they use or how they have it configured.

Is there any way to have both confirmations? The download is critical, and the “thanks” message is needed to keep customers happy, and prevent them from submitting over and over.

Thanks in advance!

Only one confirmation per submission is supported. I recommend using a text confirmation to show the “Thank you message” and then in that text say something like “click here to download your file”. Will that work?