Conditional text for the submit button

Hello, I have a form with a checkbox that will trigger some conditions in a workflow.
I need to dinamically change the input value (Start | Delete) based on the selected checkbox. Any ideas on how I can do that ? thanks!

You say input value, but also Submit Button in the subject for the topic. Can you explain exactly what you need to do? Include screenshots if you like.

Sorry, I mean the text shown inside the button

Do you have an example form? I’m particularly interested in how you anticipate the checkbox logic working since multiple checkboxes can be selected?

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I have the same wish. I have a form that is used both for quote and order. And before the sumbit button i have radio buttons that the user has to choose quote or order. Depending on what they choose I want different text on the submit button. Is that possible?

Hello Johan. There is nothing built in to Gravity Forms that can change the submit button conditionally. However, Gravity Wiz has a post/tutorial on how to conditionally change the submit button, based on a selection made in the form.

That same approach could be used for you, even thought it’s not exactly the same. If you have any questions about this custom approach, I recommend leaving a comment on that Gravity Wiz article, or if you are a Gravity Perks customer already, you have access to their support:

Thank you.