Conditional Payment Types [RESOLVED]

Is it possible to have ‘and’/‘or’ statements in the payment feed settings? IE: Process this paypal feed IF payment type equals paypal AND Field = Recurring OR Field2 = Recurring

I may be overthinking this. But this form has too much going on in it and I need to make sure the right payment type and frequency triggers based upon a number of factors.

And/Or conditional logic is not supported. What you will need to do is ensure that ALL the conditions are true to use the ALL in the drop down. You can normally configure the logic like that, but if not, please let us know where you get stuck.

Hey Chris, I may have programmed myself in a corner on this one…

On page 1, you select one time or recurring.
IF one time, page 2 shows up that is a ‘are you sure’ statement… and allows for a change of heart. You can select yes or no.
If on page 1, recurring, it skips page 2 and goes straight to 3.
So the wonky logic is in the All/Any conditions.

Is there a way that I could pass through the final one time/recurring value to another hidden field that I could then run condition under?

What prevents you from selecting “ALL” and then the reverse conditions? Can you write out the logic here, when if they were ALL true, you would process a feed? I don’t see the complexity in what you have written, but I’m sure there is a gotcha in there somewhere.

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You may be right. On to the fourth cup o’ joe for the afternoon… See if I can start seeing in 3D

I’m with you on the coffee :slight_smile:

OK… I figured it out, but I’m CERTAIN there is a better way. I just need to document the heck out of this incase I ever need to come back to it.

I figured out how to create the trigger when all conditions are met, but I had to create a V2 of the same payment type if/when another set of conditions are all met… Now to figure out ACH payments :expressionless:

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