Conditional logic using the catagory a field belongs to [RESOLVED]

I have a field that is shown for just a group of countires.
In my form user can select a country, and the field is shown when the selected country belongs to a specific category.

One way is the mention all countries of a catagory in the conditional logic, but I prefer to just enter the catagory-name.

Is this possible??

Solved my problem by using jQuery and making difference between value and text in the selection field
For JQuery I use the add-on Gravity Forms Custom Javascript

In detail:
In the selection table (field_id 21) the first Entry is:
label: Afganistan, value: AFG-04-… This means that Afganistan is catagory 04

In the form I add a hidden field, name DUMMYCAT (with ID 33), this field is populated using JQuery

jQuery(function($) {
	 let cat1 = $('#input_1_21').val().substring(4,6)
	 alert(cat1)  (is used for testing)

The specific field is shown when the field DUMMYCAT had the value 04