Conditional logic is not working with Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On

The site uses Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On. The problem is that conditional logic for original Gravity Form fields doesn’t work for User Registration Add-On. For instance, we have a few address fields, and if the user’s country is the USA or Canada I want to show the field with a list of USA states or Canada provinces. If the user’s country nor the USA or Canada it should be an international field for State / Province / Region. Yet if the user picks Canada or USA and then picks some state from the dropdown menu it won’t be saved to User Meta Fields. I tested it and see that saving to User Meta Fields is not working when conditional logic is used. If conditional logic is off all savings work fine. I’d be grateful for any help in solving this issue, how to pass data to user User Meta Fields with the help of User Registration Add-On and use conditional logic at the same time?

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