Conditional Logic for Coupons Add-On

Good Morning!

I’m building a menu order form using the coupons add-on for 2 tiers of coupon code.

The first, will activate once the customer has selected 4 items, the second should activate once the customer has ordered 6 items.

We have an elite account, but we don’t know whether there is a plugin for advanced conditional logic or if this is something that can be done without it. Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

You can only add one unique Coupon field per form, and adding different set of “OR” logic groups is not a feature supported out of the box. Maybe the following third-party add-on could help: Advanced Conditional Logic Pro for Gravity Forms – McDonnell NZ

Make sure to confirm with the author if it could fit your needs before a potential purchase.

Thank you for that suggestion, Samuel.