Combine name fields to create a "display name" [RESOLVED]

I want to create a field that combines the two name fields, creating a “DIsplay Name” field. For example, user enters “John” in First Name field and “Doe” in the last name field. It automatically creates the display name “Doe, John.”

I have GravityPerk’s Populate Anything, if that helps. Please be patient with me; I’m a beginner!

Hi Paul. If you have Populate Anything, you should be able to do this with Live Merge Tags. Gravity Wiz support would be the best one to answer this but here is how I think it could work.

Add a ‘hidden’ text field to the form that you will use to store the display name. Then, add the live merge tags to populate that field with the values submitted in your name field, Last, then comma, then first.

Here’s the explanation of the live merge tags feature:
Live Merge Tags.
Add auto-updating merge tags anywhere inside your form (e.g. labels, descriptions, choices, values, HTML content).

If your name field is field 1 in the form, these live merge tags would work to populate a the hidden Display Name field:

@{:1.6}, @{:1.3}

Let me know if you have any questions, or contact Gravity Wiz for confirmation that this will work as expected.

@chrishajer is spot on with the setup. Add a hidden Single Line Text field to the form and insert the merge tags for your Name field as the Default Value.

Thanks guys. Right on!