CLI command typos in documentation

I noticed some WP-CLI commands in documentation use a hyphen when they should be using underscores. Here’s one example I noticed:

For example:
--page-size= should be --page_size=

Just FYI.

Thanks Victor. Do know of others? I can pass them along to the documentation team.

You may want your docs team scan through all CLI pages. At a quick glance, most of them have these typos, especially the Parameters tables where parameters are listed.


(I couldn’t post with more than 2 URLs)

These are just 2 I checked.

On this page, you have 2 examples listed for multiple commands like this:

wp gf tool verify_checksums
wp gf tool verify-checksums

One is wrong and one is right. The thing is, unlike parameters, commands use dashes. So the underscore command above is the wrong one.

Thank Viktor for pointing those out. I will have the team review all the CLI docs.

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