Changing $entry field value while processing a feed (GFFeedAddOn) [RESOLVED]

Hello, I’m hoping this is a quick question for someone.

I’m writing code to process a feed and I am able to save metadata to the entries but I want to change a field value on the entry itself. Not all of the submissions go through this feed so I prefer to keep this data on the entry itself.

There is an example in to save a $contact_id but the example doesn’t show the function call that was made to set the field value and to save the $entry.

I’m looking for something similar to gform_update_meta() but for an entry field. I’m in a feed though so I believe I will also need to make another call to save the $entry. I don’t know what either of those would be.


I found the solution. The following link provides an example of saving changes to an existing entry.

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