Change Uppercase section headings to no text transform

Hi, I’m building an application for a client using Gravity Forms. There are some essay questions, and I’m using the “section” field types to insert question text and descriptions. The default font and text types are pulling in all caps only. (Probably H2 or H3 font types I’m guessing from my current theme - Bridge theme)

I went on the CSS file and changed all of those font types to no transform and removed all uppercase. However, It is still styling all section field type text as uppercase. (Attaching screenshot)

Here’s the form: Leadership Tyler | Apply Online

Any CSS to override this? Thanks!!!
Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 4.12.50 PM|690x481

I’m not seeing in the stylesheet where you added text-transform: none; to the header tags, but if you have access to the stylesheets for your theme, you can add:

.gsection_title {
  text-transform: none; 

You may have to add !important if you want to be sure it overrides everything in your stylesheets.