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I have this website (Link) In this case im using gravity forms to make people buy gift cards. When im using some blocks for example “Name” the letters get capitalized. And in some cases for example when im using “Numbers” or “Email” the letters doesnt get capitalized. Is their a setting for this or how can i make the letters not capitalized except for the first letter. For example I want “Mottagarens namn” instead of “Mottagarens namn”.
I saw this article but i assume is was only if you wanted everything to be capitalized: Change the Value in Field to CAPITAL Letters [RESOLVED]

Regards Johan, Stisses sport och fritid.

Hi Johan,
None of the fields were capitalized for me. Does the email entry have capitalization when you check from the WordPress dashboard?

These label exist as <legend> elements for complex fields on the form (i.e. those with multiple inputs). The theme is applying the rule text-transform: uppercase; to those elements…

You’ll need to remove that rule or override with some custom CSS.

Im talking about where it says, “YOUR NAME” and “RECIEVERS NAME”, I dont want all of that capitalized.

Do you know what CSS code I need to put in so the rule gets removed?

The following CSS should override that rule…

body .gform_wrapper.gravity-theme legend {
    text-transform: none;

Where do I write the css code?

Hi Johan,

If you’re using a child theme for the theme in your WordPress installation, you can add that code in the child theme’s style.css file. Some themes provide a “Custom CSS” section in the theme options or theme settings section, or you should be able to add the code under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

There are also plugins available that you can use to add custom CSS code to your site, if the above options are not available.

So to recap:

  1. Child theme’s style.css file, or;
  2. Theme’s “Theme Options” or “Settings” (etc.) section, or;
  3. Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, or;
  4. A plugin to add custom CSS.

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