Cannot edit/create confirmations, and notifications not sending for administrator and payments


I have a problem for months with the Gravity Forms plugin, when I try to create/edit/duplicate the confirmation of a form, regardless of what it has inside, it shows blank and when saving settings it returns to default and you only see the confirmation created by default Gravity Forms. In an old version of our website where we have not updated, the above works.

Now with the issue of notifications and the issue of payments that I will explain below, when a user registers on the form and makes the payment we do not receive the notification, what happens, that the notification has set and is configured to whom it is addressed, but does not receive anything, then we have to do it manually by forwarding the entry to that email. We have connected Redsys with GravityForms and the payments arrive because we see them in the payment gateway of our bank, but the problem is no longer that it comes from Redsys is that it comes from Gravity Forms and we have been looking at it, debugging the web looking for bugs. I know perfectly well that you do not have any Redsys add-on for Gravity Forms. But the problem comes already from Gravity Forms that first of all does not allow to modify the confirmations and the notifications do not work either. Even the server response of the notifications gives me an error 500, because the Gravity Forms notification does not work, and adding to this, the payment always appears in Processing status, which is also a Gravity Forms problem.

I have 2 tickets created with the same problem commented, one of them they have not answered me and another two days ago they have not answered me either, I also do not know where in the panel is in Gravity Forms on the web to see the tickets.

Thank you very much.

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