Cannot connect to Google Tag Manager through GA plug in

I’m using the new google analytics plugin and want to use GTM for my connection type. I’ve gone through the connection to my google account. When setting up Google Analytics it lists out all the accounts and views, however none of the accounts for GTM show up in the drop down.
Does anyone know why? Anyone else having this issue?
Thank you.
Screenshot 2022-07-27 151414

Hello Paul,

I’m having the same issue.

Were you ever able to solve this?

Thank you.

@paul.natta and @luiz.araujo - how many Google accounts, containers and properties do you have? There can be a timeout issue if you have a large number of any of these. The product team is aware of the issue, and if you would like to be notified when a fix is available, please open a support ticket:

Thank you.

Hi @chrishajer,

I have 15+ containers/properties added to my account. It might be the reason for the issue.

Thank you.

I ended up logging in with a different user account. They have access to less GTM account/containers so maybe that is the reason.

Thank you. That is most likely the issue. The product team has an open item for this issue, and I will add these uses there. Thank you.

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