Can I make field labels hidden on desktop, but show on mobile?

I have a form where I have created a comparison calculator. It is sort of a grid with three columns where questions get answered. Because of this it works fine on desktop. However, everything flows differently on mobile (of course).

In the desktop version I have the field labels hidden. This is for internal company use, so not overly worried about this when it comes to accessibility. But, if an employee is in the field, working on their phone, because of the way it reflows they now have no reference point for the fields.

So, I am wondering if there is a way to keep the labels for the fields hidden on desktop, but show them on mobile phones?

Reference images below:



Note sure precisely what may be needed for your specific form, but I would look at using a combination of the function wp_is_mobile() along with the filter gform_form_post_get_meta.

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