Calling Webhooks to Populate Drop Down Fields


Is it possible to use the webhooks for purposes other than handling form submissions? I would like to have a drop-down field that has the ability to call a webhook to populate its values.

  1. Can I get a list of all the webhooks registered on the Settings → Webhooks page, so I can have Drop Down fields select which webhook I want to use on the Field Settings pane?
  2. Can I manually call the selected webhook and populate the dropdown when the form is loaded?

I was able to add a text field to the drop-down Field Settings to enter an API URL, then populate the drop-down values. I would just like something more robust than a simple URL.

This is related to a previous post: Add Field Settings option for Dropdown to make an API call [RESOLVED] - Get Help - Gravity Forms

Hi Ray. The Webhooks Add-On is not appropriate for populating fields in the form. The Webhooks Add-On was designed to send the date collected in the form ‘somewhere’ using a Webhook.

If you want to call a webhook and populate a dropdown field in the form, you can use one of these two filters:

There is a more thorough write-up here with some additional resources as well:

In the example there, you would be calling your API in the place where the code is calling the WordPress function get_posts.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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