Calendar has days that aren't selectable

I recenlty noticed that the calendar has a few days that aren’t selectable. I notice that it happens on the begining and end of each month. I submited a support request Jun 23 but haven’t heard anything. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Hello! Looks like we responded to that ticket with the following:

By default, dates for the previous and next month are shown in the datepicker, but not selectable. If you would like to override that behavior, you can hook into the filter gform_datepicker_options_pre_init to change the properties with which the datepicker is initialized. Of interest specifically for this would be the properties selectOtherMonths and showOtherMonths. For example, the following code would enable that option on a form:

gform.addFilter( 'gform_datepicker_options_pre_init', function( optionsObj, formId, fieldId ) {
    optionsObj.selectOtherMonths = true;
    return optionsObj;
} );

Check out the plugin Custom Javascript by Gravity Wiz for adding javascript to a form.

Ok, thanks