Calculations pricing field is ignoring the quantity field [RESOLVED]

This is the page and form I need help with:

The price field with the calculations is “Processing fee (2.2% + 30¢).”

The calculation is supposed to process Paypal’s fees for the total, including quantity. My calculation is below, which did validate. The quantity field is not being added in.

( {Standard tickets: $22 each:7.1} + {Students and seniors tickets $20 each:7.2} + {Reserved, front row seating (pending availability) $25:7.3} ) * .022 + .30

Never mind. For some reason not all of the tags were under the merge tags button when I first set it up. After some fiddling, they all appeared.

Hi Mark. Did you try multiplying each product field by the respective quantity field, then adding all those together, then multiplying by your percentage and adding the $0.30?

Chris, I was eventually able to do that but when I first set up the calculations field, the products’ prices and quantities weren’t showing up in the tags. About an hour after I posted this, I tried again and they were all there. It’s working as expected now.

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