Calculation exponents like 2 to the power of 5 [RESOLVED]

In Excel this is done with the formula ‘5 ^2’.
I know this is not a ‘out of the box’ feature for number field calculation.

Any snippet that can do this?

Also, I found this plugin. Its not updated for 3 years. Anyone knows if this one still works?

Any other ideas?

Hi Keesjan, I recommend trying that plugin to see if it still works for your application.

I did find a more recent one that claims to offer advanced calculations:

Or, if you want to create some custom code, you can use the gform_calculation_formula filters (there is one in PHP and one in JavaScript):

Hi Chris, thanks for the update. That codecanyon plugin looks promissing but I asked them question about updates, manual etc because the service lloks poor what I can see from the comments

I tried out the github script and it wokrs fine. hope it keeps working.

I already found the gform_calculation_formula filters in the GF manual but then I have to write the script over and over again for each form, field I want to use, am I correct?

That is correct, you would need to modify the snippet for each individual form if using the gform_calculation_formula filter.

thank you, the githib script does work on latest wp install although its 3 years old. Maybe good for others to knwo.
The price of $99 for the calculation plugin is a little to much for just this only exponent calculation, but I keep that one in mind.

Thank you for the confirmation @user5da84ac592673520