Calculate field value from % of another field value [RESOLVED]


The subject may be a little confusing, so it might be easier to explain the flow of what we are trying to achieve.

This is a money deal submission form where the operator fills in the details of the deal negotiated with two fields, 1. Current Amount Owed and 2. Settled For Amount. What I need and am struggling with is logic from a third field that will calculate whether the settled for amount is less than 60% of the current amount owed. I am fine with the calculations and getting that math to populate the field with the values, where I’m stuck is another field that will basically perform conditional logic such as the new 60% calculated field is greater than {Settled For::8} field. It only give me an option for a number. Since this number is based on what is placed in the other two fields, I can’t just put a static number in there.

Also, when I get that piece figured out, I will need to submit this form to approval if that less than 60% is true instead of submitting it normally if the value is greater than 60%.

I appreciate any help or guidance anyone is willing to provide. It’s probably right in front of my face and I’m just missing it.

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Do you have a form already set up that you are working with? If so, can you export the JSON file, and send it via email to

I just replied to your email Max…

Thank you Chris, I sincerely appreciate all your help!!

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