Bug: HTML block leads to multiple submit buttons

Hey guys,
I think I found a bug: I have added a html block to an existing form and after that I got multiple submit buttons which I cant delete. Please see my screenshots:

As I wrote before this happened after I have added a html block and I can recreate this and generate more submit buttons if I add another html block. If I click the “original” submit button at the end of the form there is an error with “empty label”.

Please help me and tell me how I can fix and repair my form.

Thank you and best regards

Here is a second screenshot, because I as a new user can only add one media file:

Or here you can see this bug in his natural habit:

Hi Robert. That can happen if the HTML you added is not well-formed (invalid.) Check that HTML and see if something is not closed properly.

Please see the video. The html block is empty. Right after adding the block to the form the error happens and I cant even click the block to fill him (as seen in the video).

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue and including the form export so that support can take a look. Thank you.


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