Best way to edit entries on the back end?

I’d like the abiity to edit the entries for a Gravity Form on the admin side. This would include editing, adding and deleting records. Are there plugins/extensions that will allow this?

Hi John. Entries can be edited in the Forms dashboard now. If you click into an individual entry, you will have an “Edit” button in the right sidebar meta box.

If you want to delete an entry, you can do that from the individual view, or from the list of entries for the form, in bulk.

There is no way to add an entry from the dashboard. We recommend submitting the form to create a new entry.

There are also third-party tools that allow for different entry editing, but they are not required to perform the actions I listed above. If you have any other questions, please let us know here.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate that. I’d love to hear about any recommended plugins that would allow me to create entries in the dashboard view as well.

Not a plugin as such, but I wonder if you create a dashboard widget that uses the do_shortcode function to embed the Gravity Forms shortcode how that would work? You’d likely also need gravity_form_enqueue_scripts