BarbaJs - reset form after submit, or prevent persisted form state when ajax loads HTML form

We use BarbaJS ( to handle page transitions on our site. Page requests are processed by Barba, which replaces the main content of the site when each Ajax request is resolved.

If a user interacts with a Gravity Form, either by submitting it successfully, or by producing a validation error, that same form state persists when a new page is loaded. So, if I have successfully posted a form and a confirmation message has been presented to me, I’ll see that same confirmation message when I click the “home” link, instead of the default state of the form.

I have tried loading the form via ajax, instead of rendering it in PHP. When I do this, the form state is always correct, but the form no longer submits.

Is there anything I can do to ensure I receive the default state of the form, each time a page request processes? Or, is there the means to reset the form, when the page loads?

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