Auto delete records

Is there a setting to auto-delete (eliminate) records from the forms after a set time?

The settings on the Form Settings > Personal Data page of each form can be used to configure automatic trashing or deletion of the entries.

If you need additional granularity as far as the entries being targeted, how often they’re being deleted, which fields in the entry are deleted etc. beyond what is available in the core Personal Data settings Richard linked above, Entry Automation can help with that as part of a Delete Entries task.

I would like to set it up so that the records are automatically deleted. In Brazil there is a law that deals with information security and there is a restriction on how long information can stay on a server. So I would find it easier if I didn’t need to log in to delete old records. I would like old records to be automatically deleted. Is there a way to configure to delete old records (set time) automatically?

Either of the above would do that for you.

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