"Assign a team member" field option using a membership plugin integration [RESOLVED]


Is there an “assign to team member” field? Or a field that could do this style of logic?

The requirement for this is so that a team member can fill in a form, say a task form, and assign the task to a team member, or multiple team members.

I’m happy to try out any plugins to achieve this. I’ve got Gravity Forms and Views currently. I realise this may require a membership plugin as well to make it work, and re open to suggestions on these.

Hi Dan,

Gravity Flow would be an excellent one for you to consider. Just as Gravity Forms have fields, Gravity Flow lets you build steps into a workflow which the entry will follow upon submission.

You could use a user input step to select the assignee (in a user field type) and then subsequent steps can be assigned to that (or any other WordPress user/role or email field). With flexibility around conditional logic, scheduling or expiring steps, you can build anything from the simplest “one and done” task scenarios to bespoke business applications that have different workflow branches.

We’ve got some video tutorials showing some of the workflow setup processes or some demos you can experience a workflow as a user.



Thanks for this @JamieO this does sound like the solution, I’ll check it out.

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