Aria tag issues with error display. Need to set aria-atomic="true"

You’ll see in my attached screen capture that any error messages from an invalid form submission display the following opening div:
<div id="error" aria-live="assertive" role="alert">

Issue : aria-atomic="true" is missing on error container

Summary: The page contains an error container made with the WAI-ARIA role="alert" attribute, but it does not contain a WAI-ARIA attribute that will make sure all assistive technology can read the error message.

Fix: To make sure that all assistive technologies will read the error message, I need to add the WAI-ARIA attribute aria-atomic="true" to the error container tag.

I found the div for the validation_error 0n line 1017 of form_display.php but I’m unsure how to get this into place.

Does anyone have ideas?

Hi Carlos. Take a look at the 2.5 RC1 version of Gravity Forms which is out now:

There are a ton of accessibility fixes in 2.5 and I believe this is already addresses. If you have a test or staging installation where you can install Gravity Forms 2.5 RC1, please do that. Don’t install it on a live site. If you do not want to install Gravity Forms on any of your sites, you can set up a demo site, and import your forms there, to see if any accessibility issues remain.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.