Ampersands encoded to HTML entities resulting in JS error

Im running into an issue when trying to embed a Gravity Form into a custom ACF-block.

Gravityforms embeds a script along with the form; gform_hooks.min.js

However, the 5th instance of double ampersands, &&, ends up encoded into the html entities &&

Apparently this is a known issue with Gutenberg: Unexpected encoding of ampersand (&) to & · Issue #11789 · WordPress/gutenberg · GitHub

Gutenberg encodes everything after a smaller than character: <

My current workaround is to edit the gform_hooks.min.js and rewrite the condition statements in the for loops ( b > a instead of a < b), but this both ‘hacky’ and will break next time we update the plugin.

Is anyone familiar with the problem and do they have a better solution than this?

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Hello. I recommend submitting a support ticket for this issue with your details, so we can address it properly:

Thank you

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