Alignment Issue with Multi-Column Fields in Gravity Forms

I have a form setup where the first row contains the “Name” field split into two columns (First Name and Last Name). In the row below, I want to have the “Email” field and the “Phone” field side by side. However, I’ve noticed that the “Name” field uses a different markup structure compared to the other fields, which is causing misalignment between the rows.

Current Layout:

Row 1: name module
    First Name (Left Column)
    Last Name (Right Column)

Row 2:
    Email (Left Column) (email module)
    Phone (Right Column) (phone module)

The markup for the “Name” field is different from the markup for the “Email” and “Phone” fields, resulting in the columns not aligning correctly.

How can I achieve consistent alignment between these rows? Is there a way to standardize the column markup across all fields or a recommended approach to ensure the fields align properly?


Please share your website URL so I can take a closer look at the issue and find a workaround.