Ajax Error for Specific Users

I have users experiencing an error. When they navigate to “Import/Export” and select a form to export the entries an error pops up saying “Ajax error while selecting a form”. Admin users are able to export entries without this pop up appearing. However, the rest of the users aren’t. Permissions haven’t changed recently and they’ve always been able to export in the past. I’ve updated to the latest version of GF but still am getting the error when I switch to other users.


Our product team is currently investigating this issue. In the meantime the workaround is to enable the gravityforms_edit_forms capability for the role in question.

That appeared to be a successful workaround. However, once I went back into the capabilities and no longer wanted to give users access to edit the forms. It’s still giving them access to edit.

Hi Angela. Please open a support ticket so that we can investigate:


Thank you.