Adding up values via dynamically populated check-boxes


Here’s the scenario… I’m trying to create a ‘total’ value of ‘hours’ submitted via various timesheets (other forms… I’m using popluate anything by Gravity Whiz).

So on my form, my timesheets are all brought in as a dynamic list of tick boxes (theres a number field on timesheet called ‘hours worked’) based on user ID, this works fine.

I have a ‘total’ (dynamic) field below… I’ve got it to work in such a way, that when I tick a checkbox, the value is updated correctly, however, when I tick BOTH checkboxes, I’d like the value to be a sum of ALL ticked checkboxes.

As all of these fields are dynamic, I can’t apply calculations.

The question in a nutshell is this. How do I create a ‘total’ from dynamic values, brought in from multiple sources.

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