Adding currencies

I want to use a currency that isn’t on the standard list. I can see from the online help that I can add a new currency using a filter but I have no idea what a filter is or how to access one. Can someone provide an idiot’s guide please? For an average person, not a web developer.

Hi Jemma. What is the currency you want to add? We can help you configure the gform_currencies filter.

We will need the following information in addition to the currency symbol in order to help you with the configuration.

$currencies['SYMBOL'] = array(
	'name'               => __( 'CURRENCYNAME', 'gravityforms' ),
	'symbol_left'        => '',
	'symbol_right'       => '',
	'symbol_padding'     => '',
	'thousand_separator' => '',
	'decimal_separator'  => '',
	'decimals'           => 9

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