Adding Categorys to Forms

Hi all, apologies if asked and answered before.

I’m trying to create a wholesale order form using Gravity forms for our website and as we have various suppliers, want to create categories so that each company’s products are in a separate ‘block’ so it’s easy to use and looks nice. Maybe add a small thumbnail of the products too? Tried the HTML block but only getting a large image and can’t find a way to reduce unless I re-size everything in PS.

Just wondering if there’s a way to add a category title please?


Billy Whizz Beans
6 x 400g Billy Whizz Beans
12 x 400g Billy whizz Beans

Our Betty’s
132 x Bettys Best Biscuits

I understand how to use the custom block but its the Our Betty’s I want to put in

Many many thanks in advance from an old fart.

Kindest regards


To resize your image you just need to add style=“width:300px;height100px:” inside the img tag and after the URL.

To setup categories what I’d recommend is just add the category text before the img tag in the same field. Then add another field and add conditional logic to it to only show if they selected that category.

Sometimes adding HTML inside a field that isn’t an HTML field requires you to click the show values button and the change the HTML value to simply text or a number for your conditional logic to work.

Here is a great article on how to add images to gravity forms

Thank you so much for your reply Derek.

I’ll def have a go although, bit of a dinosaur I’m afraid lol.

Appreciate the help


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