Add filter to remove '_wrapper' from CSS class names

If you add a CSS class name in the form settings it adds the suffix ‘_wrapper’ to every class

When using Bootstrap I just want to add classes to the wrapper without this adding ‘_wrapper’ to the end of the name as it is pointless as it means I need to then add a an extra CSS class for this

So if I say don’t want a margin on the bottom and I add ‘mb-0’ it actually adds a class of ‘mb-0_wrapper’ which means I have to write a new class as I can’t use predefined classes

So if you could add a filter to be able to turn off this so it accepts the classes I enter, not modify them to something I don’t want

Many thanks

Hello ocouno. The markup will be changing in Gravity Forms 2.5 (which is in beta now) and I will add this issue to see if it can be addressed after Gravity Forms 2.5 is released. Thank you.

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