Add a test form

I think it would be great if in the community, people could have access to a test form. This way they can play around with configurations and if they need help, other people can see their form without needing to go to their website.

Would the demo site functionality work for that?

You can create a free demo site at any time, which will stay online forever so long as you log in to the admin at least once every seven days. If you stop logging in, the site is automatically deleted.

Well can others have access to your form?

If people had the option when making a post to create a test form, I certainly think it could help if the person helping could easily view their form configuration and even make changes.

I’d like this. But I’m a sucker for functionality.

You can create a demo site, then share the login details after you have built the form for someone. If you share them publicly, everyone would be able to log in, but if you share them privately, only those two people will be able to log in and see how things were configured.

Dere, you can use a demo site as much as you want, to do whatever you want with. It will stay online forever so long as you log in at least once every seven days. After seven days of admin inactivity, the sites are automatically deleted.

You could try he demo site functionality for this topic, for example.

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