A real SVG animation (not via CSS) instead of the Ajax spinner?

Hello to the community,

I’ve been using Gravity Form for so many years that you could say I’m a fan!
Unfortunately I’m not a developer and I try to manage with pieces of code and by entrusting development from time to time to codeable.io.

I’m coming back to the community in case you could give me some development ideas to modernize this good old Gravity Form a little bit with a real Ajax design spinner.

Of course I have already made the proposed codes work:

1 - modify the original spinner with a transparent gif
2 - load an.svg file with an.css file

That’s good but now I’d like to go much further by using SVG animations made with After Effect and exported with Bodymovin.

For those who don’t know it’s an incredible solution that exports each of your animations easily and easily integrable (for an animated logo it’s great)

Bodymovin works as follows:
1 - a javascript script loaded
2 - a tag with an empty ID (a div or other)
3 - a script that gives the parameters to launch the animation

Very simple, very light and above all perfectly responsive.

For that I would like to be able to simply upload a div to the Ajax form submission.

Unfortunately the function “gform_ajax_spinner_url”
Really doesn’t leave much opportunity to customize its forms.

Do you know how I could easily change the Ajax or “gformInitSpinner” function in order to add “div” or other container with customize ID and launch different animations according to each form?

At worst if you know a developer via codeable.io capable of making a clean and customizing code I am also a buyer.

Thank you in advance to the community!

I have the impression that no one seems to know the solution.

I opened a codable mission if a developer is interested
Project Codeable here

Closing - please see Added an animation on the submit GravityForm button

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