2 forms on same page, bottom form scrolls to top upon clicking checkbox

I have 2 forms on the same page, one at the top and one at the bottom. Both forms are the same. When clicking a checkbox in the bottom form, the page scrolls to the top of the page. How can I prevent that? Free Medspa Assessment | MedSpa Marketing

Thanks - Greg

Hi Greg. What do you mean “both forms are the same”? I see form 6 on top and 5 on the bottom. Have you already removed the duplicate form?

You won’t be able to use the same form twice on a single page. The HTML spec requires the element IDs to be unique for all elements on the page, and embedding the same form twice violates that, and the forms won’t work properly. If you need identical forms more than once on the page, duplicate the form and embed the duplicate once.

If you need any other information, please let us know.

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