Webhooks and Ajax

I’m trying Webhooks addon and i’d like to know if it requires admin-ajax to send POST data as FORM.

I see the following error on apache log:

Error 401 - POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wp_gf_feed_processor&nonce=XXXXXX HTTP/1.1

This is Webhooks related? doet it mean that POST are not sent to the URL configured?
The wp-admin folder is password protected, and the use of admin-ajax.php is not allowed to not-user.

401 is a web server response for Unauthorized. I recommend opening a support ticket if you need assistance with that:


Yes 401 is correct (wp-admin is password protected).
Anyway i have see on GF logging tools (i didn’t know there was a logging utility integrated!) that POST is sent correctly… i’m just curious to know why there is this POST attempt through admin-ajax…