Validate New User Registration Against Database

I have the need to validate new user registrations against a database. In order for a user to register, they’ll need to enter a number in a field that is then verified against a simple text database. Preferably, this should happen on the form, exposing the submit button on validation. If not, submitting the form should look it up, returning an error if not validated. Is any of this possible with user registrations?

In addition, I need to place the new user, if validated, into a specific user role.

Ideally, I’d have multiple forms depending on the user role I need to add them to.

Gravity Forms validation takes place after clicking the submit button. Using the following filter you can run your own code to perform the validation and make the field fail validation if needed:

There’s a Role setting in the User Registration feed settings where you can set the Role that will be assigned to the user after successful submission, documentation can be found here:

Thank you. In reading the documentation, I didn’t find where I could use an external list to verify a specific field. Is that achievable?

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