Using 1M or 1,000,000 in a form field

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I have a form that collects prospective client information from our site and adds it to Salesforce via Zapier. The field name is “Value of Business” and defined Number / Currency. The challenge is how to handle situations when a prospective client uses an ‘M’ when referring to Millions.

For example, some users will enter $1.2M when referring to a value of $1,200,000. Gravity turns this into 1.2 (rather then 1,200,000) and the data ends up incorrectly in our system. Most prospective clients either don’t notice (or care?) their number was changed but we end up with wrong data.

I know Salesforce’s currency field can handle 1.2M to mean 1,200,000. Ideally, I would like to implement this in the form as well. Is there a way to do that in GF?

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Hi Marco. I would use the gform_field_validation filter to check the number they entered and see if it makes sense. When someone enters 1.2M, and Gravity treats that as 1.2, you would be able to see that using the filter and return an error with something like “Please enter your valuation at 1200000 for 1.2M” or something like that. You will have to determine the best way to word the message. But that filter will allow you to perform a sanity check on the information they submitted to you.

Thank you.

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