User Registration Login Widget Error text

I’m using the User Registration Login Widget and the error message is wonky. Plus I’d like to customize the text. I’m not seeing anything in the docs about it. Is there a way to do this?

Mad Dog

What do you mean wonky? What is the text you are trying to change? Can you share a link to the form?

I fixed the text using CSS but even had to use

#gform_login_widget-2 div#validation_message__2 a::before{ content:"\A"; white-space: pre; }

to put a line break before the link in the error message so it read and appeared nicer. This may all be because I styled the form but I would like to change the error message text if I can.

Go to and enter bogus information to get the error message. Can it be changed on a template or hook or anything?


P.S. My client is notorious for wanting to customize all message text, but one thing that’s odd regardless is I have a “Forgot Password” link at the bottom which is important. Then if there’s an error, the error message ends with a “Lost Your Password?” link so it’s redundant and I know the client will hate that. I thought I could hide that link using CSS but the final ‘?’ will still be there…