User registration: Auto-approve based on entry contents


I have a registration form that will require new registrants be manually approved before their account is created. Works great. I am looking to auto-approve some registrants, based on the contents of their form. I have the code written and it works, but I can’t find a hook to use that fires after form submission and after the registration add-on has had a chance to do its thing. “gform_after_submission” happens too early, and I don’t see anything suitable in the list for the registration add-on but I could be missing something. Any help would be much appreciated.


Try using the gform_gravityformsuserregistration_pre_process filter to check the $entry and change the $feed['meta']['userActivationEnable'] property to false, it runs just before the feed is processed.


That sounds like it should work and be much easier, thanks so much!

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